Photo of one of our installations.

Solar Racking Solutions

For Commercial Flatroof And Ballasted Ground Mount PV


Position FastRacks


Add Ballast and Clamps


Attach Modules

Why Sollega Racking Solution

The simple solar racking solutions for flat roof or ground mount PV installations

  • 5º, 6º, and 10º mounting solution
  • Simple, modular, one piece design
  • Universal design compatible with all framed modules
  • Fully ballasted , heat welded, anchored and hybrid options
  • Roof friendly with round edges and low point loads
  • One size bolt with all top down connections
  • Injection molded with Glass Reinforced Nylon 6
  • Engineering and ballast layout services available
  • UL2703, UL3741 Certified
  • Class A Fire rating : type 1,2,3 modules
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Made in the US
A PV system being installed with our FastRack510 racking system.

Not Convinced?

Take a look at some stunning drone footage from our most ambitious projects.


Sollega provides racking systems that are compatible with most common solar panels on the market today. Our universal design enables the installation of all framed modules. This ensures our clients can continue using their existing supply chains for modules.

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