Guideline to use Sollega Design Configurator

STEP 1 :

 Log into your account. To create an account selectLogin and Register

STEP 2 :

Go to the Menu "Design Configurator."

STEP 3 :

Enter the project address in the "Popup" window of the "Design Configurator" menu.

STEP 4 :

Select English/Metric unit of measurement.

STEP 5 :

Select “Start Project Design”.

STEP 6 :

Fill out all tabs.

STEP 7 :

Setback will outline roof.

STEP 8 :

Click on Drawing tools to access drawing tool.

STEP 9 :

Click on southern corner of roof and draw line across *note, first line drawn is direction solar array will be tilted towards.

STEP 10 :

Draw lines around roof within the setback line.

STEP 11 :

Click on Drawing button button and array will auto populate.Module Selection can be changed at this stage for comparison purposes.

STEP 12 :

Click on modules to remove or replace them in the array where obstacles are located.